The Wymo Wheelchair hoist has a remarkable effect on the life of the wheelchair bound motorist. The hoist offers incredible freedom and independence and it becomes a crucial part of a person’s life.

This hoist is also needed for carers who want to prevent injury from repetitive lifting of the wheelchair into the boot of the car.

The Wymo wheelchair hoist is truly a world class invention and has been manufactured for 30 years and sold around the world. Possibilities open up for social life and work without planning schedules with carers. Contact us either through email or phone for more information.

The hoist works by lowering the lifting strap and hooking it onto the wheelchair. By pressing up on the switch box the wheelchair is raised until it touches the pivot arm then, at this point the wheel locking strap is attached. By continuing pressing up, the wheelchair is loaded onto the hoist.

Wheelchair Hoist 2 Wheelchair Hoist 3